Physical Access Systems

Kaba AustraliaPhysical Access Systems, or entrance control systems as they are known in Australia, provide secure access control for individual pedestrian access points. Our entrance control systems range features tripod turnstiles, sensor barriers, half and full height turnstiles, security controlled automatic revolving doors, one-way corridor interlocks and high security personal interlocks.

Kaba products are known for being secure, reliable and easy to use and our entrance control systems are no exception. KabaAustralia also offers the flexibility of either renting or purchasing from our entrance control system range and we have experienced technicians on hand 24/7 to not only install your entrance control system but to help ensure the smooth running of your Kabasystem long term, including the option to enter into a preventative maintenance agreement. With both long and short term rental solutions on offer, and a wide variety of entrance control products, we are equipped to meet your individual requirements.

Kaba Australia’s entrance control systems are suitable for most industrial sites, including airports, banks, sports stadiums, offices and any other area where authorised individual access is required. We offer tailored entrance control solutions for a wide variety of applications and all products are compatible with any access control system or time and attendance recording system.


Tripod Barriers

Kerberos: Tripod barriers

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Sensor Barriers

Argus: Sensor barriers

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Half-height Turnstiles

Charon: Half-height turnstiles and swing gates

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Full-height Turnstiles

Kentaur: Full-height turnstiles and security revolving gates

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Revolving Doors

Talos: Revolving doors for entrances

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Security Revolving Doors

Geryon: Security revolving doors

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Security Interlocks

Orthos: Security personal interlocks

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