Kaba Australia and Rapelle Join Forces In The Name Of Sustainability

Kaba Australia and Rapelle® join forces in the name of sustainability

Kaba Australia is proud to announce that it has joined forces with Rapelle® to become the Australian distributor of the innovative Rapelle® Glass and Stainless Steel Care System.

Designed to reduce environmental impact, Rapelle® Glass and Stainless Steel Care System uses green cleaning technology to prepare surfaces and then protects them using unique nano particles, which form an invisible barrier to maintain surface appearances and make chemical free cleaning a reality.

“The premise of this care system is simple,” says Bernard Thompson, founder of Rapelle®, “if water can’t stick, grime can’t stick and germs can’t grow.” The protective coating stops grime, salt spray and finger marks from sticking, reducing maintenance costs, eliminating chemicals and reducing water waste.

The Rapelle® Glass and Stainless Steel Care System features a commercial grade glass cleaner, a stainless steel cream cleanser and the unique Rapelle® Glass and Stainless Steel Protecta. The Protecta product chemically bonds to surfaces, creating an invisible protective barrier. Once applied, cleaning the surface becomes as simple as using water rather than harsh chemicals or bleach. Rapelle® Glass and Stainless Steel Protector also contains Ultra-fresh®, an antimicrobial which has been independently tested as an inhibitor of bacteria and fungus.

The partnership between Kaba Australia and Rapelle® allows Kaba to provide a proven, germ inhibiting, product care and maintenance system to compliment its wide range of locks, architectural door hardware and physical access systems products.

To learn more about the Rapelle® Glass and Stainless Steel Care System, please visit www.rapelle.com.au or phone 1300 00 KABA.



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