Kaba Australia releases new range of case fixed turns to comply with AS1428.1

As a requirement of AS1428.1 – Design for access and mobility – general requirements for access - new building work, Kaba Australia has expanded their range of FA311 Case Fixed Turns. The FA311 range now includes a variety of surface fixed turns which are compliant with this Australian Standard.


AS1428.1 calls for a lever type “snib” with a minimum length of 45mm from the centre of the spindle. These new style turns suit Kaba 100, 600 and 1500 Series of plate furniture and replace the current Hospital Turn (HT).
As with the Hospital Turn, product handing is required due to the limitation in the travel of the turn. This limitation is to prevent the tail bar from twisting due to excessive force being applied due to this lever design.  However, unlike the Hospital Turn this range includes the convenience of the handing being easily field reversed simply by moving one small screw.
Each product (except the 1500 Series of plate furniture) will have the option of being ordered with or without the DA Turn being pre-handed. In the case of the Kaba 1500 Series, the plate is also handed and therefore cannot be changed.


To learn more about the Kaba Australia Disabled Access Turn, please contact your local representative or call 1300 728 088.


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