Kaba Fire Rating

Fire door assemblies are designed to allow adequate time for the quick evacuation of buildings in the event of a fire. In addition fire door assemblies can help to prevent flames, smoke and hot gases passing through openings in fire rated partitions, doorways and walls. A fire door assembly usually consists of the following: door leaf, door frame as well as door hardware.

The Australian Standard AS 1530 part 4 titled “Fire tests on building materials and structures” outlines testing requirements for fire door assemblies. All assemblies that gain a fire resistance rating must conform to these requirements.

Some councils also require the use of lever handles on fire doors. Kaba offers an extensive range of lever handles which may suit your requirements.

When selecting lock functions for fire doors consider that doors must be easily opened from the inside without a key.

Kaba products that have been successfully used in fire door assemblies are denoted throughout the catalogue and website with the fire rated symbol.

For specific information or advice about Kaba products for use on fire doors contact the manufacturer of the fire door or contact your Kaba representative.